Targeted Searches for Buyers


PMC Transactions AG specializes in targeted industry searches for companies looking to accomplish any of the following strategic objectives:

  • Grow through acquisition of assets, technologies and companies
  • Expand into new markets and geographies within the same industry
  • Acquire direct competitors to increase market share and benefit from operational efficiencies / economies of scale
  • Expand product and service offerings through the acquisition of new products, technology platforms or manufacturing capabilities
  • Leverage existing core competencies to expand into synergistic industries
  • Acquire key vendors or suppliers to control more of the value chain

PMC Transactions AG may support you effectively to identify prospective target acquisitions and initiate a dialogue with potential sellers and alliance partners.

It is highly recommended for Buyers to engage an experienced M&A intermediary to source suitable businesses as it can greatly increase the probability to identify eligible targets and to successfully consummate transactions.

Confidentiality is a huge concern on both sides. Sellers do not want that it becomes widespread known that a business might be divested. Buyers generally want to remain anonymous and do not want to disclose their name and identity until the right target has been identified.

We carefully take into account both parties' expectations of confidentiality and discretion.

Searching for acquisition targets is part process, part experience and part intuition.

Your advisor should have expertise and experience in all three of these critical areas otherwise you will be missing out.

PMC Transactions AG has more than 30 years industry expertise and experience. On your behalf we search and find eligible M&A Targets and help you to achieve your growth objectives.