Scope of Services 


PMC Transactions AG is a Corporate Business Broker and M&A Advisor serving small, mid-sized and large corporations on the sell-side and buy-side with their divestment and investment ventures.


Buy-side Mandate

We work with the buyer with the goal of finding opportunities to acquire other businesses.


Sell-side Mandate

We work with the seller of a business (e.g. a company, division, brand or product portfolio) with the aim of finding suitable counterparties for the sale of the client's business.

In doing so, we execute a proactive, fully structured process to sell the business, designed to create a competitive and timely market for the seller, with the goal of optimizing value and achieving the seller's objectives.


In both cases, we provide our clients with the full range of services required.

Due to our more than 30 years of professional expertise, industry experience and our broad network of strategic and financial investors worldwide, we are able to quickly identify suitable acquisition targets and counterparties and successfully close transactions.